Be a RockStar with your Virtual Presence

Elevate how you are perceived as a leader and knowledge source

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The bar has been raised for professionalism

Now a year into the pandemic, it is no longer acceptable to have a bad virtual presence like bad lighting or showing your bed in the background.

Remote work is here to stay - in some fashion

Pandora, Amazon, Facebook, Salesforce and Shopify, to name a few, have announced permanent remote working. Even economic development organizations and the public sector are evaluating the extent of travel when a virtual meeting may save money while expanding connections.


Sharing my secrets to up your virtual mojo

I was working virtually with collaborators across the globe before the pandemic. Since then, I have continued to experiement and learn what works and makes a positive impact for professionalism with a dash of personality. Now, my virtual studio space is my signature spark - one of my many tools for effective virtual meetings.

You have the opportunity to short-cut the learning process and immediately make impact that could up your chances for the promotion or new job you are eyeing. You deserve to be recognized as a leader. A poor virtual presence could be holding you back from more success.

All in a 1-hour private coaching session

Tips & Tricks for Space

Set up your space like a master, no matter how little space you have

Your Personality

Bring your personality into your virtual space, while still exuding professionalism

Equipment & Tools

Learn tips and unique tools to stand out professionally

Let's do this

So are you ready to up your virtual presence?

With this 1-hour coaching session, you will be ready to transform the world's window into your virtual meeting space. Show your best self. Stand out as a leader and knowledge expert.

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Who I am: TadZo Founder and your Secret Weapon. Visual and Virtual Champion. Liberating Structures Practitioner. Professional Doodler. Strategic thinker. A leader with heart.

What I Do: Cultivate creative, innovative, and empowered individuals and groups through inclusive engagement and visual thinking. Help people find their confidence to do great things. Coach for transformational change. Build collaborative capacity for meaningful work.

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