Do you want to differentiate yourself? 

Well of course you do. You want to stand out for your hard work, talents, and contributions.

The real question is...  how do you differentiate yourself in a way that transforms your communication and engagement skills such that people gravitate to you?


You are in the right place if you...

  • visualize ideas or speak in metaphors.
  • are new in a leadership position and want to differentiate the talent you bring to your new position.
  • are a consultant and desire to engage clients and prospects better.
  • are a young professional trying to be recognized for what you offer.
  • are a trainer or facilitator who wants to enliven meetings.
  • are a coach and want to connect with your clients in a way that your process resonates more.
  • feel overlooked for promotion or your dream job.
  • are a teacher and want to intrigue students with your lessons.
  • are a doodler and want to apply it your career and even hobbies.
  • are just plain tired of the available PowerPoint templates.
  • love tactile experiences – ideas flow through your hands.
  • want to inspire others with your imagination.
  • wish to feel empowered to do great things.
  • simply want to make your work more interesting.

You may not want to read further if….

  • You like to work harder to make your point or communicate an idea.
  • You like boring, dry meetings.
  • You like writing and reading long documents.
  • You prefer using many words on a slide.
  • You enjoy being stuck.

You are invited to

TadZo’s Visual Thinking Course

If you can make a dot, a line or a squiggle... you will transform into a Visual Thinker, drawing and expressing yourself confidently by the end of the course.

But this course is so much MORE!

I have been drawing and facilitating with visuals since I started my business 8 years ago. This skill immensely boosted my business and brand because of its unique value proposition.

Now I am teaching this craft for you to enhance your career and lifestyle.

The Course:

  • 4 live teaching classes where we draw during the entire class. You get an up close view of my hand drawing with patient verbal instruction and encouragement. I demonstrate everything I teach. Nothing to fear!
  • Online client access to downloadable resources and class recordings.
  • A Zoom “check-in” before the first class in case you are anxious about using Zoom.
  • Invitation to private Facebook Group limited to TadZo Visual Thinking Community (only current and past students have access).
  • Plus…. When you register for the course it is EVERGREEN, meaning that you can come back and repeat whenever the course is offered again in the future.

Let’s Get Visual

From a dot...
to basic shapes...
to a visual vocabulary
Visual Thinking materials
Bringing Meaning with Visuals
Deeper dive into icons
Visual Storytelling
How to fix mistakes
Framing Ideation with Visuals
Borders & Headings
Enhancing Learning
Visual Book Review
Visual Game



When you register for the course it is EVERGREEN, meaning that you can come back and repeat whenever the course is offered again in the future.
This is amazing! I want in!

Who benefits the most from this course?

Leaders * Managers * Team Leads * Young Professionals * Facilitators * Trainers * Consultants * Teachers * Coaches * Project Managers 
Experienced professionals who want to change things up

What Visual Thinking can do for you….

  • Differentiates you as a creative and innovative thinker.
  • Increases your confidence.
  • Raises your profile as a leader.
  • Helps you synthesize complex concepts and processes into simple explanations.
  • Brings a different dimension to your message.
  • Accelerates your career.
  • Expands your toolbox for collaboration and inclusivity.
  • Awakens your inner artist and genius.
  • Adds moxie and whimsy into your work.

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Count me in


Customer Service Manager


Retired School Teacher


City Economic Development Manager


Project Manager

Save these Dates!

Course opens online September 8th

You get access to online course before the first live class.

Live Classes - 75 minutes each

September 15th @ 10:00 - 11:15 am PDT (pacific)

September 16th @ 10:00 - 11:15 am PDT

September 22nd @ 10:00 - 11:15 am PDT

September 23rd @ 10:00 - 11:15 am PDT

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  • 4 live classes
  • Recordings of all classes
  • Online course content
  • "My Favorite Materials" list 
  • "Bam" Cards download
  • Private Facebook Group
  • EVERGREEN Course
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BONUS Value = $225

  • All of PRIMARY
  • Bonus #1 Visual Thinking Kit
    (Neuland markers & notebook)
  • Bonus #2 30-minute Private Coaching Session
  • Bonus #3 "Creative Lettering Styles" download
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Allison Larsen

Who I am: TadZo Founder and your Secret Weapon. Visual and virtual champion. Liberating Structures Practitioner. Professional Doodler. Strategic thinker. A leader with heart.

What I Do: Cultivate creative, innovative, and empowered individuals and groups through inclusive engagement and visual thinking. Help people find their confidence to do great things. Coach for transformational change. Build collaborative capacity for meaningful work.

Experience: 8 years entrepreneur 19 years consulting 23 years in economic development 10+ years in international business management and sales 5 years EDC management and recruiting, yielding 9,000+ new jobs

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